Purchaser:Shanghai Yaoquan environmental protection machinery engineering co. LTD

Project Year: 2017


Type: Cross-flow closed cooling tower MSTHB-350

Configuration: aluminum zinc coated shell + red cooper heat exchanger

Application: Process flow + water chiller

Cooling towers play an important role in protecting the future environment

1. The FRP cooling tower shell should be made of high-quality resin, glass fiber, stabilizer and other materials. It is required to reach a certain thickness, with high hardness and toughness, good bending strength and good surface gloss.

2. The metal frame should be of high-quality rigid material, and the anti-corrosion treatment technology is in place, with excellent bearing capacity and anti-corrosion capacity.

3. The filler should be made of high-quality P.V.C/P.P material with strong anti-ultraviolet and chemical corrosion resistance, and the corrugation design is scientific to achieve uniform distribution of air flow and water flow on the surface and high heat exchange efficiency.

4. The motor has good insulation grade, good starting performance and reliable operation. For a direct-connected cooling tower without a gearbox, the motor used should be a motor with a higher number of series (more expensive), which has a low speed and stable operation.

5. The fan requires reasonable structural planning, small wind resistance, large air volume, low noise, light weight and high efficiency.

6. The cooling capacity is satisfied.

7. The overall design of the cooling tower is scientific and reasonable. On the premise of ensuring good heat dissipation (cooling), it should have a smooth appearance, good gloss, no fading, and easy maintenance.

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