Purchaser:hangyang limited CO.,LTD.

Project Year: 2014


Type: Cross-flow closed cooling tower MSTHB-240

Configuration: aluminum zinc coated shell + red cooper heat exchanger

Application: heat treatment + water chiller

Why use cooling towers for waste heat?

We should all know that some waste heat will remain in industrial production, and the waste heat can only continue to work after being cooled by a certain device. If the treatment of waste heat is ignored, the temperature generated during mechanical operation will become more and more High, whether it is to the machine or the internal components, it will be a big damage, and it is a loss that should not have been incurred to the user.

Cooling tower is a special equipment for processing industrial waste heat. It exchanges heat through direct contact between water and air. Under the action of the cooling fan, the air at a lower temperature is exchanged with the water in the filler to achieve The purpose of lowering the water temperature.

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