Master Cooling use the high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, and has won high recognition from customers and the market.


Outer shell:Aluminum-zinc plate/ Superdyma/304SS/316L

Brand:Bao steel/POSCO High strength and toughness, corrosion resistance,sultable for long distance transportation.Laser cut-ting technology has more fine workmanship. Thickness:2-3mm


Cooling coils : 304SS / 316L / T2 red copper

Welding manner : Automatic  weldingStainless steel - is durable , more advantageous under high pressure and high strength conditions , cheaper , more corrosion resistant , more frost resistant , more difficult to scale. Red copper-thermal conductivity has significant advantages. high recycling and utilization rate Pipe Diameter : 16 / 19 / 22 / 25mm


Spray system :

-Spraying Pump ( motor : Siemens , TECO , WEG , ABBSpecial circulating spraying pump with the protective level is IP55 , no leakage , long life span . Adopt special out door motor , with special imported bearing to ensure the pump reliable operation.And has following advantages : small horse power , large flow volume , lownoises and etc . high performances . -Spraying Nozzle The high-efficiency water spray system provides important guarantee for the cooling capacity . Spray water is evenly distributed, and the spray nuzzles areeasy to clean and replace .


Main circulation system:

Main circulation system :A pump with a backup , fallure occurs the backup pump can automatically put into operation High
efficlency . Low-vibration , low-noise and high energy - efficlent Type : Vertical / Horizontal


Exhaust system :

Low speed fully sealed motor adopts blades with super width . The fan is composed of aluminum bladesand steel wheel hub , featuring low wind resistance ,high rate of air flow , low noise , high efficiency , and reliable performance and so on . The protective leves IP55 , suitable used for out door. (Blade options : aluminum alloy , aluminum alloy hollow , carbon fiber , polyethylene)


PVC fills - Dewaterer:

What the PVC fills' purpose are when theheated spray water drops down throw PVC fills , they can help dissipating . And when saturated moist air meets the water collectorit,it will condense into drops of water and fall to the collecting tank , thus quality PVC material may effectively transfer heat and reducing the water flow to save energy resources


Control system :

Normal or PLC control system , local / remote control customize the appropriate system according to customer requirements.

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