Filter introduction

How filters work?

When the filter is working, the water to be filtered enters from the water inlet, flows through the filter screen, and enters the pipeline required by the user through the outlet for process circulation, and the particulate impurities in the water are trapped inside the filter screen. With such a continuous cycle, more and more particles are trapped, and the filtration speed becomes slower and slower, while the imported sewage continues to enter, and the filter holes will become smaller and smaller, thus generating pressure between the inlet and outlet. When the magnitude difference reaches the set value, the differential pressure transmitter transmits the electrical signal to the controller, and the control system starts the drive motor to drive the shaft to rotate through the transmission component, and the sewage outlet is opened at the same time, and the sewage is discharged from the sewage outlet. After cleaning, the differential pressure drops to the minimum value, the system returns to the initial filtering state, and the system operates normally.

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What is the speed of the filter?

When the solid particles in the suspension are large and the particle size is uniform, the pores of the filtered residue layer are relatively smooth, and the speed of the filtrate passing through the filter residue layer is relatively large. The use of coagulant to aggregate the fine particles into larger agglomerates is beneficial to improve the filtration speed.

For the suspension with fast settling speed of solid particles, apply the filter on the upper part of the filter medium, so that the filtration direction is consistent with the direction of gravity, and the coarse particles settle first, which can reduce the clogging of the filter medium and the filter residue layer; in the difficult-to-filter suspension ( Such as colloid) mixed with coarser solid particles such as diatomite, expanded perlite, etc., can make the filter residue layer loose; when the filtrate viscosity is large, the suspension can be heated to reduce the viscosity. These measures can speed up filtration.

What are the performance characteristics of the filter?

1. Efficient and accurate filtration: The special structure of the filter disc filtration technology has accurate and sensitive performance, ensuring that only particles with a particle size smaller than the required size can enter the system, which is the most effective filtration system; the system flow can be flexibly adjusted according to needs.

2. Standard modularization, saving space: the system is based on standard disc filter unit, according to the modular design, users can choose according to their needs, flexible and changeable, and strong interchangeability. The system is compact and occupies a very small area, allowing flexible use of corner space for installation.

3. Fully automatic operation, continuous water effluent: Between each unit in the filter combination, the backwashing process is carried out alternately, and the working and backwashing states are automatically switched to ensure continuous water effluent.

4. Long service life: The new plastic filter element is firm, non-abrasive, non-corrosive, and has very little scaling. After years of industrial practical verification, there is no wear and tear after 6-10 years of use, no aging, and the filtering and backwashing effects will not be affected by use. deteriorated over time.

5. High quality and less maintenance: the products meet the corresponding quality standards, all products are tested and tested under simulated working conditions before leaving the factory, no special tools are required, and there are few parts; easy to use, only need regular inspection, almost no Routine maintenance is required.

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