Purchaser:Exports to Dubai

Project Year: 2017


Type: Counter-flow closed cooling tower MSTNB-30 *2sets

Configuration: aluminum zinc coated shell + red cooper heat exchanger

Application: Mitsubishi chiller

Application of cooling tower

Cooling towers are commonly used in large cooling operations such as power generation, oil and gas refining, and thermal power plants. A very important deciding factor in choosing an oil cooler or cooling tower should be based on the desired coolant temperature.

Cooling tower temperatures vary based on local wet bulb conditions and ambient air temperature. Typical cryogenic coolant temperatures in summer conditions rarely drop below 75F-80F when using cooling towers. Typical temperatures that oil-cooled units can reach throughout the year are below 70°F.

Certain cooling tower designs may allow cooling temperatures of 70F-100F+ if designed to accommodate such conditions. Also, depending on the system design, cooling towers can often maintain a closer temperature tolerance relative to the desired temperature set point.

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