What is FRP?

FRP is a high-performance fiber composite and a special fiber composite for engineering. High performance fiber composites belong to polymer composites, which are composed of various high-performance fibers as reinforcements placed in matrix materials. High performance fibers refer to fiber materials with excellent physical properties such as high tensile strength, compressive strength, abrasion resistance, high destructive resistance and low specific gravity. They are a kind of special fibers that have developed rapidly in the field of fiber polymer materials in recent years. The development of high-performance fiber is the embodiment of a country's comprehensive strength and an important material foundation for building a modern power. High performance fiber composites are important basic raw materials for the development of national defense and military industry, aerospace, new energy and high-tech industries. At the same time, they are widely used in the fields of national economy, such as construction, communication, machinery, environmental protection, marine development, sports and leisure.

How does FRP Open cooling tower work?

Working principle: the cooling method of the cooling tower is to spray hot water onto the surface of the radiating material and contact with the moving air passing through it. At this time, sensible heat exchange is generated between the hot water and the cold air. At the same time, part of the hot water is evaporated, that is, the latent heat of evaporation in the evaporated water vapor is discharged into the air. Finally, the cooled water falls into the water tank and is transferred to the heat exchanger by the pump, and then the heat is absorbed.



What are the advantages of FRP open cooling tower?

1 High performance . Compared with FRP cooling towers , the tower body , water tank , water distribution system , bracket , air duct and other components of the steel cooling tower are all made of steel , with high mechanical strength , good stability , typhoon resistance , and no parts falling off . The operation is stable , the design standard is higher and more accurate ,and the performance index is more guaranteed.

2 Are cheap . Compared with the closed cooling tower , there is no cooling coil and the structure is simpler . Low cost and excellent price. 

3 Easy to install and easy to maintain Modular delivery as a whole , larger models only need to connect and assemble the upper and lower boxes . Reduce the difficulty of on-site work.The internal operation space is large , which is convenient for cleaning the packing and replacing the parts. 

4 Environmentally friendly . From the manufacturing process to the installation and use , the steel plate material has no hidden danger of environmental pollution , and is also easy to recycle . It will not cause secondary pollution to the environment . Less floating water , reducing the pollution of the surrounding environment of the cooling tower.

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